IT Monitoring and Maintenance

IT Monitoring and Maintenance

If it absolutely has to work, we can help. BRI offers two programs to ensure server and workstation uptime.

Server Cloud Care

A network is only as strong as its weakest link. We monitor to find and fix any weak links and ensure your business-critical servers are up and running at peak efficiency. We proactively monitor for any required patches, security fixes and updates. We schedule any server reboots to happen in non-critical periods. If a problem arises, our team is immediately informed and can perform the necessary diagnosis and triage care when required.

At the end of each month, you receive a comprehensive maintenance report so you can see and understand everything that happened throughout the month.

Cloud care is billed at a flat per-server fee. Volume discounts are available. See our pricing table below.

No pre-paid hourly plan/Pre-paid clients Number of Servers Price/Server/Month Total per Month
No pre-paid plan 1 $300 300
2 600
3 900
4 $250 1000
5 1250
6 1500
7 1750
Pre-paid plan clients 1 $250 250
2 500
3 750
4 $200 800
5 1000
6 1200
7 1400

Billing policies for Server Cloud Care:

  • Contract is month to month based on customer agreement
  • Invoiced at the 1st of the month; must be cancelled prior to billing date
  • This does not include Update Rollups or Service Packs as they are more serious updates and require proper vetting and planning
  • This does not include BIOS, driver, or firmware updates
  • This does not include Backup Exec or other third party updates or patches
Workstation Cloud Care

Workstation Cloud Care remotely manages all your networked workstation devices and your wireless network technology, so you can rest assured that your everyday IT is operating at peak performance. We monitor key workstation metrics in order to correct issues before they become problems. Among the services included with Workstation Cloud Care:

  • Proactively monitoring the status of each workstation
  • Comprehensive reports of any risks or known issues
  • Scheduled maintenance and installation of critical updates
  • Ensuring optimal performance
  • Remote maintenance

For each workstation, backup, anti-virus, disk space, network connectivity, email, hardware, performance and security are all monitored.

Pricing for Workstation Cloud Care
$4/month per workstation