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Gigabit fiber Internet access

Charlottesville is one of only a handful of US towns and cities that can offer gigabit fiber Internet access to area businesses. We call it next generation Internet access to power the next generation of enterprise and ideas. Gigabit fiber Internet is access at the speed of light and makes buffering, load times and slow […]

Hardware and software sales and licensing

When it’s time to outfit or upgrade your technology, BRI is your trusted partner that connects you with the very best in hardware and software solutions for small and medium enterprises. Just a few of the vendors we have an affiliate relationship with are:

IT Monitoring and Maintenance

IT Monitoring and Maintenance

If it absolutely has to work, we can help. BRI offers two programs to ensure server and workstation uptime. Server Cloud Care A network is only as strong as its weakest link. We monitor to find and fix any weak links and ensure your business-critical servers are up and running at peak efficiency. We proactively […]

IT Implementation and Support

IT Implementation and Support

Whether you’re moving, expanding or hosting an event, BRI can execute customized IT solutions to suit your needs. We can also provide ongoing support for your IT environment including network troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of hardware, remote monitoring and maintenance of servers and workstations. BRI offers three pricing tiers for hourly work, with pre-payment hourly-rate […]

IT Assessment and Roadmap

IT Assessment and Recommendations

Our years of experience with local business has let us refine our site audits to 12 key measures that are vital to reliability, security and ultimately, your businesses uptime. We’ll come to you and, through on-site assessments, interviews and observation, we provide a comprehensive site, network and security audit. The feedback we provide shows where […]