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After a preliminary discussion, we’ll meet face-to-face to talk.

We take the trust seriously that our clients–both big and small–place in us. Every customer can expect the following as a foundation:

A Professional Services Agreement

This document contains terms of service between BRI and our clients. Please note that BRI considers your data and business information to be completely confidential. Should you need us to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we are happy to do so.

Download Professional Services Agreement

Signing a Service Level Agreement

BRI charges for service at an hourly rate, and clients can purchase hourly services in blocks to get a discount on the hourly rate and preferential response times. View our pricing options.

Download Service Level Agreement

Assignment of Primary and Secondary Consultants to Your Account

Based on your IT needs, we will assign a consultant as your primary point of contact at BRI for servicing your needs. You will also have a secondary consultant assigned as backup, who will be familiar with your IT environment.

Client IT documentation

One of our critical first steps is documenting all of your IT information to ensure we have complete records and documentation for reference. This facilitates our jobs diagnosing issues, planning IT projects, and keeping up-to-date on hardware renewals and software licenses. This reference information is securely stored in BRI’s data center.

IT Assessment

As part of our IT planning process for your account, BRI utilizes network tools, customer documentation, direct observation, and interviews to assess 12 measures of your IT environment. We look at risks and opportunities for improvement with a traffic light system that flags observations as green, yellow, and red.

The assessment also includes recommendations to bring your IT environment to high standards of utility, reliability, security, capacity, and ability to quickly recover data. BRI will then work with you to review the recommendations and proceed according to your priorities.

Download Sample IT Assessment