Jim Price Auto Group is one of Charlottesville’s most prominent local car dealerships. They’ve always understood how technology can enhance all areas of their business, which is why they first started working with BRI in 2002, when we set them up with VPN and installed connectivity for their tent sales.

Today, BRI manages all of Jim Price’s servers, routers, switches and wireless access points. BRI also facilitated the migration of Jim Price’s operations to the cloud, to help further streamline and secure their operations. Jim Price’s IT environment is in fact so comprehensive that a recent assessment of it by the national GM dealer IT group noted that Jim Price’s IT setup could be used as an example for other dealerships.

Jim Price also has ultra-fast BRI fiber access connecting their premises to the Internet, and enabling them to conduct business, and serve customers in real time. “It’s a funny thing in the car business—nobody likes to wait,” says Jerry Halfant, controller at Jim Price Automotive. “BRI gets it done seamlessly and with great speed. I need that. My customers depend on that.”